What if a subscription allowed you to prospect, to sell and to study a new market simultaneously?


 Our innovation:

By subscribing to our service, we take care to receive and put your product sample at the disposal of companies and organizations in our geographical area.
Your product sample, not being banned or restricted, and presenting itself in standard size (standard of the international companies of fast transport of parcels), will be hosted during the duration of your subscription, and will be presented during the administrative hours, by individual and private professional team members, to interested companies, informed by an approach on our part or yours.

Why would they consult your product?

IBFTS is building a sustainable and growing relationship with importation companies, distributors, supermarkets, chambers of commerce, organizations, and state agencies.
Companies and organizations use our service free of charge to:
• Physically inspect the product they are looking for
• Find a better product / price
• Diversify their suppliers
• Diversify their ranges
• Find a product not currently available
• Establish their short list of imports at a lower cost
• Strategic intelligence on innovative products

A Great Marketing Tool

If you like, in order to allow you to prospect directly into the targeted market through various channels (social networks, e-mailing, telephone, SMS …) or to invite your existing contacts by providing the address of IBFTS for a visit, we provide you with QR codes that contain the reference of your sample and a number of campaigns. Thanks to these codes, we inform you about the conversion rate of each campaign in order to guide you towards your best prospecting.

Your product in good hands

A salesperson will present your product according to the sales pitch and the demo procedure you predetermine (simplified).
You will also be able to opt for a dedicated salesperson who will present your products to your target customers door-to-door (commercial rental). Recruited according to your criteria, trained on your products, and acting under your direct orders, your salesperson will be your sales force and the ambassador of your brand. He will have knowledge of your product, the values of your business, the business environment, and the local culture. This person will follow up on orders and collections?. At any time, you can ask for assistance to facilitate another form of presence, recruit him, or terminate his service.

A free Market Research!

To better sell a product, it is necessary to identify the market in which it will be positioned. What is the nature of the market and its trends? What is the segment of your potential customers? What is your position in relation to the competition? What efforts are needed to integrate this market, and by what channel of distribution? We collect information for you that will help you answer these questions. How?
During a prospect visit, a first questionnaire entitled « fact sheet » identifies the segment to which comes the company that has decided to examine your product sample.
After consultation, and taking charge of your product, the visitor will be able to fill out a second questionnaire entitled « expertise sheet. »
The purpose of partitioning the survey form is to avoid overloading and to promote concentration. It also makes it possible to verify that the profile of the visitor does not appear in a restriction list that you have previously communicated (e.g., for a product prototype).
IBFTS will offer a default template but is willing to use another template that the customer provides.

What information is targeted?

The standard model will allow you to answer the following questions:
• Appearance: How does the customer judge the appearance of your product compared to other available products?
• Function: Does your product work better than others?
• Durability: Does your product look more robust than others?
• Service: Does your product require more routine maintenance than your competitors’? Is there a need for an after sales service?
• Price: Does your product offer a financial benefit?
• Competition: Is your market saturated? What are the penetration channels of your competitors in the market? What is the weak point of their product?
• Protection: Is your product sufficiently protected by patents, certifications? Is your product counterfeit within the target market?
• Barriers: Are there trade agreements or trade barriers that could affect your target market?
• Development: Is there a need for additional development efforts to support your product in the new market?
• Investment: Are there local business practices that need to be considered? Will there be an even greater investment in bringing the product to market? Intermediate? Partnership?
• Cost-Effectiveness: Based on the analysis of the questionnaire responses, are there real opportunities to generate sufficient profits for market penetration (to be lucrative)?
The completed forms are archived, scanned, and sent by e-mail upon request.
Forms completed by a contact request are sent instantly, or the prospect will be invited to a videoconference session with the designated person (s) if available.

You retain control
The basic subscription allows you to set up 4 videoconferencing links per month with a prospect.
At your request, we can arrange for the assistance of an interpreter.
The prospect may be accompanied by the persons included in the decision-making process.
The videoconference session (would) take place in the meeting room according to the following scenario:
• Liaison between IBFTS and you.
• Introduction of the prospect by a hostess or steward
• After greetings, you propose to your prospect a hot or fresh drink
• Presentations
• The hostess or steward returns to serve the drink; you ask for a sample of the product
• The sample is brought to the prospect by the hostess or the steward, he / she is thanked and takes leave


There is a type of inspection certificate in accordance with EN 10204 which attempts to establish the conformity of the product with the order. The European standard EN 10204 defines different types of control documents which can be made available to the client in accordance with the agreements made during the pre-delivery order.


Type of Certificate Description Content Controls Confirmation
2.1 Factory certificate Confirmation of concordance with the order No control result Corresponds to the agreements


Unlike other types of certificates, there is no control performed to assert this correspondence. Both parties can only communicate any other results of preliminary analyses, technical tests, and other control certificates in an attempt to reassure the importer.
However, the client’s need for « security » is very simple. He wants to be reassured that the product he has in hand will correspond to the final product he will receive. The buyer cannot imagine the technical characteristics of a product so they need to see the exact replica of the designated product. Generally companies actually sell what they offer. But blurring doubt with technical literature that is sometimes expensive and not always within the client’s sphere of competence deprives the exporter of a competitive advantage linked to trust. Indeed, the prospect tends to buy the product of a supplier that he knows to avoid any unpleasant surprise, or to limit the volume of the first orders to reduce the risk. IBFTS gives you an exclusive tool to avoid this.
As the provider of an innovative service, which holds samples related to commercial transactions, IBFTS has the opportunity to place on the market an original and exclusive Certificate. The « Certificate of Concordance to (the) Sample. »
This certificate, which takes place when a deal is concluded, certifies that an exporter W formally undertakes (by signature) to deliver to the importer X a product Y identical to the sample registered at IBFTS under the reference Z.
As a result, IBFTS formally undertakes to keep the sample referenced up to 1 month after the date of receipt of the goods by the importer. Thus, in the event of a dispute, the importer may carry out a comparative assessment and the exporter may carry out a second opinion if necessary. Click to see :Certificat de Concordance à Echantillon

The purpose of this document is to abort an unfounded litigation or to support the merits of a claim for settlement, arbitration or the competent courts. Also, the Certificate will be an asset in the hands of the exporter that he will use in proposal if he considers the need.

Additional services :

At your request, IBFTS can offer you the following complementary services:
• Vehicle service with driver for guest VIP prospects (product tour / videoconference meeting)
• Presentation of the product in a prospect’s company
• Dedicated commercial
• B2B conferences and seminars
• Dinners, business lunches
• Campaigns targeting a particular segment
• Provision of macroeconomic information (statistics, regulations …)
• Presentation by hostesses of your product (and B2C opinion polls) in front of the proper supermarket rails
• Local advertising or emailing campaigns for your registered product (without incurring additional costs)

Interested? Ask for a quotation for your samples here: contact@ibfts.com